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Asetek Lieferupdate vom 21.2.23

Asetek delivery update from 2/21/23

, by Gerhard Feichter, 1 min reading time

Unfortunately, the Asetek Wheelbases and Forte Formula Wheel continue to experience delivery delays!Last week Asetek published a post about a delay in its production. It talks about specification problems with the Quick-Release, so production has been stopped for the time being and they are waiting for the new parts to arriveWe expect an improvement around mid/end of March.

Asetek has unfortunately postponed delivery dates again, what's next?

Last week Asetek published a post about a delay in its production. It talks about specification problems with the quick release, so production has been stopped for now and they are waiting for the new parts. Here is the link to the original post.

Asetek is now waiting for new components to arrive so they can rework the already assembled units and ramp up production again.

The component is expected to arrive around the end of February and production is expected to resume immediately. Asetek does not want to compromise on quality and wants to ensure that the delivered products are fully functional and there is no risk of failure or defect.

However, assembly processes are being optimized and therefore no binding delivery dates can be given before stable production has started. has placed the order around the beginning of December, according to the current shipping status Asetek is around mid November. Furthermore the deliveries are split 50:50 between end customer and dealer.

Here the marketing was simply too optimistic regarding the deliverability of the products, which of course annoyed all parties involved. On the other hand, we can look forward to fully developed products. The first reviews are already online, you can also find some on our review page.

We are constantly in contact with Asetek and as soon as there is news, we will inform you immediately.

A big SORRY from our side regarding the delays, but we are in the same "simracing boat" with you.
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