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Moza Racing Jänner Update

Moza Racing January Update

, by Gerhard Feichter, 1 min reading time

All the news about Moza products and an update on the delivery situation. Learn the difference between the Wheelbase R9 and R9 v2, the Formula mod for the ES steering wheel and the new handbrake from Moza.

Availability of Moza Racing products

The incoming orders are very high for the Moza products. A large part of the incoming deliveries is already sold through orders. The situation is particularly tense for the Wheelbase R9. Here we have to expect somewhat longer delivery times for some time. The availability in the store always shows the free quantities or when free quantities should come back into stock.

Wheelbase R9 v2

Moza Racing has introduced a "new" version of the R9. The difference to the current version is very small, the v2 additionally supports the ES steering wheel (as included in the R5 bundle). Otherwise there are no other features. We expect the first shipment around the beginning of March.

Wheelbase R5 and ES steering wheel

These two products are so far only available in the R5 Bundle. Moza Racing has decided to now ship these "entry level" products individually to give customers more flexibility in choosing their racing setup. For the 28cm ES steering wheel there will be a low priced "conversion kit" to a formula steering wheel (ES Formula Wheel Mod). The products will be released in the store soon. We expect the first deliveries at the beginning of March.

Moza Handbrake HBP

The expansion of the product portfolio is progressing, for all rally drivers the handbrake will be available from mid-February. For fast rides on gravel and snow an indispensable accessory.


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