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Moza Racing Update März 2023

Moza Racing Update March 2023

, by Gerhard Feichter, 2 min reading time

Large delivery from Moza Racing arrived at! Almost all items available from stock! For the Wheelbase R9 v2 we were able to deliver all orders at, we will release another batch on 3/9/2023. We present: Moza Racing HGP H-Shifter

Delivery situation at Moza Racing

As you may have noticed, the availability of Moza products at has improved significantly since the beginning of March. We have received a total of 8 pallets of goods. With this delivery we could set almost all products to available and work off numerous backlogs. This large delivery was also necessary, as the next container from Moza will not arrive until the beginning of May.

Currently we can ship almost all products directly from our warehouse (yes, even the Moza R5 Racing Set), the Formula Wheel Mod, the Third Party Wheel Mount and a batch of the Wheelbase R9 v2 we will unlock around 3/9/2023. These two pallets were not delivered by the shipping company with the delivery at the end of February and will therefore arrive with a week delay with us.
The Wheelbase R9 is in such high demand that we expect to be "sold out" soon. You bought almost a planned month's supply of them this week! Once they are here, they are gone! We see this also with all other partners of Moza Racing, this enormous demand is simply not plannable. Furthermore, Moza itself can not even meet the enormous order intake in production.
The Universal Hub and the table clamp for the handbrake have unfortunately not been included and will not arrive until early April.

Moza Racing HGP H-Shifter

The Moza Racing HGP H-Shifter is a high quality, high performance gear shifter designed specifically for use in racing simulators. With its rugged construction and precise mechanics, the H-Shifter is an excellent addition to any racing simulator.

The Moza Racing HGP H-Shifter is equipped with a 6-speed transmission and offers incredibly realistic shifting action. The gears shift effortlessly thanks to the excellent mechanical construction and ergonomic design. The shifters are made of high-quality metal and offer a solid feel and pleasant feedback when shifting gears.

Mpza HGP-H ShifterThe Moza Racing HGP H-Shifter features a plug-and-play design that allows for easy installation and configuration. Gear shifter connects to the PC or laptop via USB and is compatible with most racing simulators and games.

Another highlight of the Moza Racing HGP H-Shifter is its versatile configuration option. The shift knob position can be easily adjusted and thanks to the programmable buttons, additional functions or commands can be assigned for the racing game.

Overall, the Moza Racing HGP H-Shifter is an excellent choice for any racing simulator enthusiast. With its robust construction, precise mechanics and versatile configuration options, it offers a realistic and immersive racing simulator experience.

We expect the first delivery around the beginning of May 2023.


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