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Oktober 2023 - News von

October 2023 - News from

, by Gerhard Feichter, 3 min reading time

New products at Asetek SIM Sports GT Wheels Forte and La Prima and upgrades kits for the La Prima and Forte pedals, Ascher Racing's McLaren Artura GT WHeels and Cube Controls Mercedes AMG Wheel, all information about this in the blog post. Suggest other manufacturers for distribution through and win!

As part of the Simracing Expo 2023 in Dortmund, some manufacturers brought some new products onto the market.

Asetek Sim Sports

GT steering wheel which consists of a button box and various wheels rims

  • Various rims in different shapes and textiles that enable individual adjustment
  • A steering wheel suitable for different types of racing including formula racing, drifting and gravel road rallying
  • Offers a wide range of input options to meet all sim racer needs
  • Robust and stable construction for a realistic, stable driving experience
  • Button Box available as Forte and La Prima versions
  • Available to order now, we expect the first receipt of goods at the end of November 2023

Asetek SimSports upgrade kits

Asetek SimSports aims to be a leader in the industry, both in terms of quality and thinking. You want to revolutionize the way you buy, use and upgrade your sim racing equipment.
When you choose Asetek SimSports, you choose a product platform with an upgrade mentality. If you're not ready to buy the high-end Invicta yet, you can start with La Prima or Forte and upgrade at a later date.

The following kits will soon be available from stock at

  • La Prima pedals ---> Forte pedals
  • Forte pedals ---> Invicta pedals
  • La Prima clutch ---> Invicta clutch

Ascher Racing

Last year, Ascher Racing showed the first prototypes of the Artura series from the cooperation with McLaren. Now the time has come!
The steering wheel is used (with slight adjustments) in the current McLaren GT4. This means that sim racers receive a product that also has to prove itself in tough motorsport on the race track. The first two product variants for the Simucube wheelbases (Ascher Racing McLaren Artura SPORT-SC and Ascher Racing McLaren Artura PRO-SC) will be in stock at in mid-November. Further variants and the USB versions are expected to follow in Q2 2024.

Cube Controls

Cube Controls has also entered into a cooperation with a well-known automobile manufacturer, with the performance department of Mercedes: AMG. The result is the Mercedes-AMG – GT Edition SIM Wheel

From the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series and GT2 to your simulator - the new Cube Controls - Mercedes-AMG - GT Edition SIM Wheel promises you an incomparable driving experience. Equipped with the same shifters used in the high-end GT cars, this steering wheel's ergonomics designed for professional racers ensure you stay in control even during the most demanding sessions.

Passionate motorsport fans will love the GT steering wheel, developed in collaboration with Mercedes-AMG. It combines state-of-the-art design with exceptional performance features and offers an unparalleled driving experience.

The first delivery to us sold out quickly, we expect that we will be able to deliver the Mercedes-AMG-GT Edition from stock from around October 22, 23.

Other manufacturers at

We are constantly looking around the market to see which manufacturers would suit We also constantly receive inquiries from producers as to whether we would also like to sell their products. We weigh this up very carefully because we expect a high level of quality and service for all products. We are already in contact with some manufacturers, perhaps we can report news in 2023.
But we also need your help, what else would you like to see from us? Simply write us an email to info@simracer,at and tell us your desired manufacturer. If your suggestions result in cooperation, we will send a voucher to the first person who made the request. We will then give away further prizes among all other entrants around mid-2024.


  • Hey , wie sieht es mit VRS aus ? Die Pedale sind ja ein Traum ! Eventuell wäre das etwas für euren Shop :) lg Michael



  • Ich schmeiße mal Cammus in den Raum. Ich sagen nur, 15NM Wheelbase bei 500.-€… Ich denke für Einsteiger (nicht nur) gibt es kaum was besseres. Hätte ich nicht vorher Moza gekauft, wäre es Cammus geworden.



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