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Many new manufacturers and products have arrived at New on board: Qubic Systems, Simagic, Sabelt Simracing and GSI Gomez.The articles also contain news about Asetek, Ascher Racing, Moza and Simrig. We are building a support channel on the LionGP Discord.And soon we will be able to come up with another new feature! expands its product portfolio:

In March 2023, we signed a distribution agreement with Qubic System, one of the leading manufacturers of high-end motion systems. The belt tensioners were recently announced, another milestone for realism in simracing. We would like to say thank you for the first orders for the motion systems, which will soon provide our customers with a high-end simracing feeling. In April, the action continues in quick succession! Simagic, GSI Gomez and Sabelt Simracing have been included in our sales programme. In this context, thank you very much for your input regarding new manufacturers. The vouchers for the successful tipsters will be sent out shortly.

Simagic has established itself as one of the leading brands in the simulation industry, known for its high-quality products and innovative technology. The portfolio covers many of the simracer's needs and is a perfect fit for us in terms of quality, innovation and philosophy. The first delivery will arrive towards the end of April, and we should be able to supply all products from stock from the end of May. At the moment the products are still listed on with an unknown delivery date, we will announce the expected delivery dates shortly. You can already benefit from our introductory offers!

With GSI Gomez Sim Industries we are expanding our steering wheel portfolio in the high-end sector. The wheels are available in different colour combinations, which brings a personal touch to simracing in addition to the outstanding quality. The products will be available in the shop from around mid-April and we expect the first delivery at the end of May/beginning of June. Each steering wheel is only made to order, which explains the long delivery times. It's worth the wait, the steering wheels convey self-confidence and a certain power, which has an effect on consistency and driving feel.

Sabelt has a long history and experience in motorsport. The company was founded in 1972 and has since made a name for itself as one of the leading suppliers of racing equipment. This experience is now also brought to simracing and has been active with Sabelt Simracing since 2023. The products clearly reflect the Italian approach to design and ergonomics. The portfolio currently includes rigs, seats and other accessories, which are constantly being expanded. We expect the first products to be in stock from the end of April and can then deliver them to the familiar services.

Until recently, there was no table mounting option for the wheelbases from Asetek. With this set, this is now also possible directly with a manufacturer's solution:

A new release of Asetek's RaceHub 3.0 control software was published on Wednesday 17 April 2024.

The most important new features:
  • Mapped flags on all your Asetek SimSports devices or the entire steering wheel. (not available for La Prima)
  • Use the LEDs on all your Asetek SimSports devices to display different game data and improve your driving behaviour. (not available for La Prima)
  • ABS
  • ESP
  • TC
  • Car Spotter
  • Device input
  • New LED idle modes.
  • Define the colour for the optimum switching point
  • Sound at optimum switching point
  • Improved pedal maps
  • You can add more points to your diagram.
  • The point of the diagram can be moved both on the x-axis and on the y-axis, which makes it easier to customise it to your own needs. This could be, for example, to better utilise the 2nd stage of the Forte brake
  • The points of the diagram can be merged by dragging them on top of each other
  • The points of the diagram can be deleted with a right click
  • Support for Le Mans Ultimate

Some of the LED functions are not available for the La Prima series.

Ascher Racing
The McLaren Artura steering wheels are now also available in the USB version. Two models have been released, the Artura Ultimate USB and the Artura Pro USB.

For these models, Ascher Racing now also offers the Quickrelease from Asetek, which enables the connection directly to the wheelbase (Invicta, Forte, LaPrima) without the hassle of a USB cable.

All products are already listed on and can be ordered.

Moza Racing
Moza is constantly bringing new innovative products to the market. Recently the sequential shifter and the TSW truck steering wheel were introduced. It takes us about 3 months to get newly introduced products to Europe. Due to the high demand, we have split the order and sent part of it by plane. We have not passed on the higher costs to you as we see it as part of our customer service.

Unfortunately, the products for the X-Box have still not been released by Microsoft. Unfortunately, nobody can explain why this is taking so long. There will also be an R5 set with X-Box compatibility, which will cost approx. 100 more than the PC-only version.

SImrig has another version of the Motion System, called SR3. The Simrig SR3 is characterised by its high load capacity. It fulfils the community's desire for a system that can support heavier setups and has a total load capacity of 250 kg. This significant improvement opens up new possibilities for users to equip their rigs with heavier seats, additional peripherals and more, without compromising on performance.

Another new feature for larger rigs is the Easy Brackets system, which means easy mounting for the SR1, SR2 and SR3.

Collaboration with LionGP
We are setting up a Discord support channel on the LionGp channel. Here you can find news about products and delivery times as well as support for questions from the LionGP community. From our side, we will now post more articles and of course answer your questions.

Thank you very much!
We thank you for the great support and the good customer feedback. With your help, has developed into one of the leading providers on the AMrket. And the journey is not over yet!



  • Ich freue mich sehr, dass ihr so schnell singend werdet, aber das liegt ganz klar an eurem Support und eurer Mega arbeitet. Bin jetzt fast ein Jahr Kunde bei euch und mega zufrieden. Was mich am meisten freut, ist dass ich euch als Partner für LionGp gewinnen konnte und freue mich auf die Mega zusammen Arbeit mit euch .


    Werner Zimmer

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