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  • Simrig SR2 Motion System

    Simrig Simrig SR2 Motion System

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    Simrig SR2 Motion System The SIMRIG SR2 is a powerful motion system. Equipped with industrial grade motors, a redesigned ECU and a more powerful power supply, the SIMRIG SR2 is a professional device. All devices are developed, built and tested by SIMRIG in Sweden. The SIMRIG SR2 can move a total load of 225 kg. This is 50 kg more than the smaller version (SR1).Despite its power and accuracy, its footprint is small. The actuators are mounted directly to your rig. The control unit fits easily under your seat. The power supply can be stowed next to the computer. The SIMRIG SR2 enhances your rig without making it too big. The motion system is accompanied by SIMRIG Control Center at no additional cost or subscription fee. The software interprets the movement of the simulated vehicle and uses this data to move your rig accordingly. It supports all major simulation titles. The installation is plug-and-play. Connect the actuators, the ECU, the power supply and the emergency stop switch. Connect a few cables. Install the software. Then you are ready to go! Scope of delivery:- 4x SIMRIG SR2 linear actuator- 1x SIMRIG SR2 control unit- 1x 1000W power supply (100-240V)- 1x emergency stop- 4x linear actuator cable (1m)- 1x EU power cable (C13)- 1x USB cable (3m)- 1x Low voltage power cable (2m)- 1x SIMRIG Control Center (Key for download)- assorted screws and T-nuts

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  • Simrig SR1 Motion System

    Simrig Simrig SR1 Motion System

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    Simrig SR1 Motion System Das SIMRIG SR1 wird seit 2018 in alle Ecken der Welt verkauft. Alle Einheiten werden von SIMRIG in Schweden entworfen, gebaut und getestet. Das SIMRIG SR1 wurde für maximale Immersion und einfache Bedienung entwickelt. Mit seinem kleinen Platzbedarf kann es an Ihren bestehenden Rig aus Aluminiumprofilen montiert werden. Die elektronische Steuereinheit ist klein genug, um sie unter Ihrem Sitz zu montieren. Sie wird direkt über USB an Ihren Computer angeschlossen. Das Netzteil arbeitet mit 100-240 V Netzspannung. Für die beste Leistung, Langlebigkeit und Benutzererfahrung ist die maximale Belastung auf 175 kg festgelegt. Die maximale Belastung beinhaltet den Rig, den Fahrer, andere Peripheriegeräte und zusätzliches Gewicht, das durch das SIMRIG SR1 Bewegungssystem bewegt wird. Das System verfügt über drei Freiheitsgrade (3-DOF): Pitch, Roll und Heave. Mit Pitch und Roll kann das System Beschleunigung, Bremsen und Kurvenfahrten simulieren. Es kann auch der Streckengeometrie folgen; zum Beispiel durch Vorwärtsneigung beim Bergabfahren. Mit Heave kann das System den Rig nach oben drücken, wenn Sie Bordsteine und Unebenheiten auf der Straße treffen. Das SIMRIG SR1 wird von SIMRIG Control Center begleitet. Diese Software steuert das Bewegungssystem, indem sie die Position und Beschleunigung des simulierten Fahrzeugs interpretiert. Es unterstützt alle wichtigen Simulationstitel. Ein komplettes Motion-System: 4x SIMRIG SR1 Linearantrieb 1x SIMRIG SR1 ECU 1x 500W Netzteil (100-240 V bei 50-60 Hz) 1x Not-Aus-Schalter 4x Kabel für Linearantrieb (1m) 1x Stromkabel für ECU (2m) 1x Stromkabel (C13) 1x USB-Kabel (3m) 1x SIMRIG Control Center (Download) Verschiedene Schrauben und T-Nuten Und Montagehalterungen für Ihren ausgewählten Rig: 4x SIMRIG SR1 Halterung 4x Aluminiumprofil 780x20x20 mm 4x Winkelhalterungen aus Aluminium 4x Profilabdeckung Verschiedene Schrauben und T-Nuten

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  • Simrig SR3 motion system

    Simrig Simrig SR3 motion system

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    Simrig SR3 motion system The SIMRIG SR3 has come to life by the means of continuous improvement and customer feedback. Many of it's very best design features have been carried back to the SIMRIG SR1 and SR2.What sets the SIMRIG SR3 apart is its ability to handle a substantial load capacity. Responding to the community's request for a system that can support heavier setups, the SIMRIG SR3 boasts a total load capacity of 250 kg. This significant improvement opens up new possibilities for users to customize their rigs with heavier seats, additional peripherals, and more, without compromising on performance.Installation of the SIMRIG SR3 is a straightforward, plug-and-play process, designed to get you up and racing with minimal downtime. The package includes everything needed for a complete setup: actuators, the ECU, a power supply, and all necessary cables and hardware. It also comes with the SIMRIG Control Center software, which is the interface through which users can customize their motion feedback to match each vehicle's unique characteristics across all major simulation titles.MountingThe SIMRIG SR3 is compatible with most aluminium extrusion rigs. We provide off-the-shelf solutions for the most common sizes: 80x40, 120x40, 160x40 mm, and others on request.With the introduction of the SIMRIG SR3 we are also adding a new mounting system: the EasyBracket. It is now possible to mount the actuators directly to the sides of an aluminium extrusion rig. The EasyBracket comes pre-attached to the actuator, allowing for easy and quick installation.All actuator cables are now black, making them easier to hide under the rig.PerformanceAt its core, the SIMRIG SR3 is powered by industrial-grade motors, ensuring robustness and longevity. The system can actuate up to 250 kg. This includes the rig, the driver, and peripherals. The necessary power is seamlessly supplied by a fan-less 1000 W power supply; that connects to a normal household wall socket.Despite its powerful performance, the SIMRIG SR3 maintains a compact footprint. The actuators are designed to attach directly to your rig, while the ECU is compact enough to fit neatly under your seat. The power supply can be conveniently placed next to your computer, ensuring that the SIMRIG SR3 enhances your racing setup without imposing on your space.The SIMRIG SR3 is not just about raw performance; it's about enhancing the user experience. It comes with the SIMRIG Control Center software, which is optimized to remove undue latency. The system latency is negligible at only 7 milliseconds.

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