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  • MOZA SGP Sequential Shifter

    Moza Racing MOZA SGP Sequential Shifter

    ["~ April / Mai 2024"]

    MOZA Racing SGP Sequential Shifter ganz aus Metall gefertigt: aus einer Aluminiumlegierung in Luft- und Raumfahrtqualität und hochfestem Stahl mit CNC-Hochglanzfrästechnik, bietet unser Schalthebel eine glatte metallische Textur und unübertroffene Haltbarkeit für ein wirklich erstklassiges Gefühl. realistischer Eindruck: Das präzise Design sorgt für präzise Schaltvorgänge. Positive, sanfte Schaltvorgänge mit schnellem Rückprall sorgen für ein fesselndes und wirklich realistisches Rennerlebnis. vielseitiger Multifunktionsgriff: Ausgestattet mit einem Multifunktionsgriff, ermöglicht unser Schalthebel schnelles Schalten in den Leerlauf oder den Rückwärtsgang, mit anpassbaren Optionen für andere häufig genutzte Funktionen und bietet so ultimative Flexibilität. stabiler berührungsloser Hall-Sensor Die berührungslose Hall-Sensor-Technologie sorgt für eine hohe Stabilität ohne Verschleiß und garantiert so immer wieder gleichbleibende und zuverlässige Schaltvorgänge. dynamische mechanische Tasten mit RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtung: Erhöhen Sie Ihr Gaming-Setup mit zwei mechanischen Tasten mit RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtung, die acht Farboptionen und praktische Anpassungsmöglichkeiten für häufig verwendete Funktionen bieten. individuelle Einstellbarkeit: Mit den anpassbaren Dämpfungseinstellungen kann der Benutzer den Schaltwiderstand von hart bis weich fein einstellen. Auch die Höhe des Griffs lässt sich in einem Bereich von 64 mm verstellen, um den Komfort individuell anzupassen. anpassbarer Schaltknauf: Der Schaltknauf verfügt über ein M12-Standardgewinde, das einen einfachen Austausch mit den meisten Aftermarket-Schaltköpfen ermöglicht und Ihrem Setup eine persönliche Note verleiht. nahtlose Konnektivität Einfacher Anschluss an Ihren PC über USB oder kompatible MOZA-Basen, die eine direkte und problemlose Verbindung für optimale Leistung bieten. dauerhafte Leistung Streng getestet durch Millionen von Zyklen hat der Mechanismus unseres Shifters alle Haltbarkeitstests ohne Anzeichen von strukturellen oder elektronischen Problemen bestanden. Genießen Sie bei jeder Benutzung ein gleichbleibend hochwertiges Erlebnis.

    ["~ April / Mai 2024"]


  • Cube Controls GT-X2 Steering Wheel

    Cube Controls Cube Controls GT-X2 Steering Wheel

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    Cube Controls GT-X2 Steering Wheel The latest GT-X2 completes the new generation of GTs! Choose between a diameter of 30 or 32 cm and get ready for a unique experience. The steering wheel is made of a carbon-reinforced nylon front plate, available in 4 different colors (black, white, green, and red) and a CNC-machined aluminum back plate. It features a 5″ touchscreen display, backlit buttons, front and rear toggle switches, 3 encoders, 2 thumb encoders, and 2 funky switches.   Rim 300 mm / 320 mm 5 inches display with touchscreen √ Resolution 854×48 √ Custom Designed RGB Momentary Buttons 10 15 RGB RPM LED Bar √ RGB Led for Flags or other notifications 3+3 On/off micro toggle switches with status led (front) 2 Two-way micro toggle switch (back) 2 Multi-directional joystick (With integrated encoder) 2 Front rotary encoders 2 Thumb rotary encoders 2 Paddles with Hall Sensor technology √ Full Aluminium PRO Shifters 2 Full Aluminium PRO Clutches 2 Die-cast aluminium main body √ Front Plate in composite material Nylon – Carbon fibre (2mm) Carbon fiber main plate √ Aluminum die-cast main body √ USB (Q-CONN magnetic connector) √ Compatible with SimHub software for maximum integration with your preferred sim √ Input control √ Display controls and settings (Real Time dashboard data telemetry with SimHub) √ Setting colour and behaviour for RGB, encoder and led bar (e.g.: Led blink when traction control or ABS kick in) √ Paddle Shifter calibration √ Paddle Clutches activation, calibration and settings (single/ dual mode clutch, bite point percentage, Slave/ Master clutch) √ Weight 1408 gr VR Friendly √

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    €1.630,00 - €1.750,00

  • MOZA TSW Truck Wheel

    Moza Racing MOZA TSW Truck Wheel

    ["~ 24.5.2024"]

      Racing MOZA TSW Truck Wheel Discover the MOZA TSW Truck Wheel, engineered for an unparalleled truck simulation experience. With its classic four-spoke design and standard 400mm diameter, this wheel brings the authenticity of a truck’s control into your hands. The rim, wrapped in hand-stitched microfiber leather, offers a blend of comfort and grip, while the aerospace-grade aluminum frame guarantees long-term durability. Equipped with customizable RGB buttons and LED lights, it allows for extensive personalization. Compatibility with all MOZA bases, as well as third-party systems through a universal adapter, ensures a seamless fit into any setup. Enhanced by its high-strength steel construction and versatile adjustment options, the MOZA TSW Truck Wheel is the definitive choice for simulation enthusiasts seeking depth, functionality, and an immersive driving experience.

    ["~ 24.5.2024"]


  • Simrig SR3 motion system

    Simrig Simrig SR3 motion system

    ["~ 14 days"]

    Simrig SR3 motion system The SIMRIG SR3 has come to life by the means of continuous improvement and customer feedback. Many of it's very best design features have been carried back to the SIMRIG SR1 and SR2.What sets the SIMRIG SR3 apart is its ability to handle a substantial load capacity. Responding to the community's request for a system that can support heavier setups, the SIMRIG SR3 boasts a total load capacity of 250 kg. This significant improvement opens up new possibilities for users to customize their rigs with heavier seats, additional peripherals, and more, without compromising on performance.Installation of the SIMRIG SR3 is a straightforward, plug-and-play process, designed to get you up and racing with minimal downtime. The package includes everything needed for a complete setup: actuators, the ECU, a power supply, and all necessary cables and hardware. It also comes with the SIMRIG Control Center software, which is the interface through which users can customize their motion feedback to match each vehicle's unique characteristics across all major simulation titles.MountingThe SIMRIG SR3 is compatible with most aluminium extrusion rigs. We provide off-the-shelf solutions for the most common sizes: 80x40, 120x40, 160x40 mm, and others on request.With the introduction of the SIMRIG SR3 we are also adding a new mounting system: the EasyBracket. It is now possible to mount the actuators directly to the sides of an aluminium extrusion rig. The EasyBracket comes pre-attached to the actuator, allowing for easy and quick installation.All actuator cables are now black, making them easier to hide under the rig.PerformanceAt its core, the SIMRIG SR3 is powered by industrial-grade motors, ensuring robustness and longevity. The system can actuate up to 250 kg. This includes the rig, the driver, and peripherals. The necessary power is seamlessly supplied by a fan-less 1000 W power supply; that connects to a normal household wall socket.Despite its powerful performance, the SIMRIG SR3 maintains a compact footprint. The actuators are designed to attach directly to your rig, while the ECU is compact enough to fit neatly under your seat. The power supply can be conveniently placed next to your computer, ensuring that the SIMRIG SR3 enhances your racing setup without imposing on your space.The SIMRIG SR3 is not just about raw performance; it's about enhancing the user experience. It comes with the SIMRIG Control Center software, which is optimized to remove undue latency. The system latency is negligible at only 7 milliseconds.

    ["~ 14 days"]


  • Asetek SimSports Bottom Mount w. Table Clamps

    Asetek Asetek SimSports Bottom Mount w. Table Clamps

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    Asetek SimSports Bottom Mount w. Table Clamps Mount your wheelbase to most horizontal surfaces! With the Bottom Mount w. Table Clamps, you get a very versatile mounting solution, that enables you to mount your wheelbase to either a horizontal surface, wheeldeck or aluminum rig. Made in powder coated steel featuring silicone pads for scratch protection of the mounting surface. 8mm Allen socket for adjusting and tightening to your preferred surface.

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    PRO SIMRIG HOOK-AND-LOOP CABLE TIE - 5M (16.4 FT.) ROLL Strong, high-quality hook-and-loop cable tie. 5 metre (16.4 ft.) roll of hook-and-loop cable tie makes it easy to keep your cables neat and tidy by binding them together or binding them to a structure. The self-gripping fabric can be cut to any size and is 20mm (3/4 in.) wide, which offers a slim wrap-around solution for any computer, appliance or electronics cable, in virtually any environment.Customize the length of your cable tie Whether your bundle consists of two small-gauge cables or many large-gauge cables, you can rest assured this roll of cable tie will handle it perfectly. You can cut the hook-and-loop fabric to size using household scissors, meaning you can choose the perfect length for your specific application.

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  • Ascher Racing Steering wheel GT, red Indicator

    Ascher Racing Ascher Racing Steering wheel GT, red Indicator

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    Ascher Racing Steering wheel GT, red Indicator Steering wheel rim D-Shape red center indicator leather Steering wheel diameter: 32.5cm incl. fastening screws 4.2cm without button box

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