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Sommer 2023 - News von

Summer 2023 - News from

, by Gerhard Feichter, 2 min reading time

Promotions over the summer: Currently we have two automatic discounts running:-10% off Cube Controls, - 5% off Moza! These promotions end soon and new ones are coming soon! The Asetek Quickrelease will be available from stock from around mid-July. From mid-August comes the new 12Nm DD Wheelbase from Moza (R12) and a new GT steering wheel (KS) for the attractive price of 309,- Euro.

The summer of 2023 promises a lot in terms of simracing.

1.  Summer specials
Over the summer we will surprise you again and again with special promotions. We do not announce the duration of the actions, so if you are interested, strike as soon as      possible.
At the moment we have two automatic discounts running:
-10% on Cube Controls
- 5% on Moza
These promotions will end soon and new ones will come soon!
2. Asetek news
1. Finally, the Asetek Quickreleases will be available from stock shortly (from mid-July). So you can bring your desired steering wheel to the Invicta and Forte Wheelbase. This means that we can also mount GT and round steering wheels with full functionality to the Asetek Wheelbases. (to the product)
2. XL gripes:
Asetek releases another accessory for the Forte Formula steering wheel - the XL grips. With this product, people with big hands can enjoy the ergonomics of the Forte Formula steering wheel.
We expect the XL grips to be delivered in the next few weeks (go to product).
3. New Moza Racing products, these will be available around mid-August!
1. Wheelbase DD R12 with 12Nm
The 12Nm servo direct drive system is specially designed for race car simulation and provides a stable and realistic torque of 12Nm. With its compact body and low power consumption, it delivers maximum torque, which greatly improves the comfort and performance of temperature control.
2. KS Steering wheel for the price of 309,- Euro
With its sleek butterfly design and 300mm size, this steering wheel is designed to provide the ultimate in gaming immersion and realism.
The KS steering wheel features 10 RGB buttons with 0.25mm short travel and 8 customizable colors. It offers lightning fast responsiveness and authentic power. Transparent button stickers are included for easy customization and to give your setup a high-tech feel.
The TPE grips provide a soft and precise feel as well as excellent grip and high friction forces for precise steering control. They are coated with a corrosion
resistant material to increase durability and protect against wear.
Have a great summer and we hope to see you on the track soon. Lets Race!
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